Wild mushroom risotto
32 PLN

Tagliatelle with mushrooms and beef or without beef
36/28 PLN

Roasted cod fillet served with pomme puree, scented with roasted garlic, sautéed cauliflower and compressed radish in raspberry juice
52 PLN

Sautéed salmon fillet on the skin served with curly kale, oyster mushrooms, fennel crisp
46 PLN

Rabbit served with herb gnocchi, caramelized carrots in honey, Brussel sprouts
54 PLN

Confit duck leg served with pomme puree, chestnuts and red wine
48 PLN

Slowly cooked lamb leg, lentils with autumn vegetables and Jerusalem artichokes
62 PLN

Beef fillet, spinach, wild mushrooms, potato fondant, green pepper sauce
78 PLN